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Do you want to add a personal touch to your baby carrier or SNUGGbaby products? Here at SNUGGbaby, we have a state of the art digital embroidery machine that can cater to intricate designs up to 26cm x 16cm size embroidery.

We deal with embroidery as per request, if you would like a basic idea on what embroidery we can make in the given size, you have come to the right place. To engage with a design consultant for further detail, simply WhatsApp us.

10cm x 10cm embroidery size (RM30.00)

A small embroidery is very versatile. Tiny doesn't mean plain, we can use quite a number of colours, designs and fonts to fit a 10x10cm frame as you can see in the gallery above. A small embroidery goes well at:

  1. Corner of waist pocket

  2. Corner of flat hood or cinchable hood

  3. The front of a hoodie type hood.

  4. Inner side of hood or hoodie

26cm x 16cm max embroidery size (RM73.00)

Anything above the size of 10cm x 10cm will go under this category of embroidery. Large size embroidery allows further flexibility in design and intricacy. You will want to go with large size embroidery if you want to make your carrier a truly unique one. We have a lot of beautiful embroideries you can choose from, simply engage with us for a personal design consultation by sending us a WhatsApp.

A large embroidery goes well at:

  1. The centre of the body panel of the carrier

  2. The centre of a flat hood, cinchable hood or a hoodie type hood

For more details, check out the other blog posts on embroidery and customising the look of your carrier!

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