Aluminium Rings for Slings (pair)

Aluminium Rings for Slings (pair)

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Aluminium rings for ringslings available in many colours and 2 sizes and come in a pair to make a ringsling.

Medium Inner diameter: 2.5" Outer diameter: 3" Suitable for most fabric, especially the lighter materials, narrower and single layered. Will be a bit tighter to adjust the sling once baby is seated.

Large Inner diameter: 3" Outer diameter: 3.5" Suitable for most fabric especially the thicker material, wider, and perhaps double layered. Relatively easier to tighten once baby is seated but prone to slip with very narrow, light and slippery fabric.

The colours may vary from the image displayed as different batch of rings yields slightly different shades. There maybe hairline scratches from transit but usually hardly visible. The colours do not fade and the rings are tested to be strong and safe for use compliant with CPSC/CPSIA
  • Measurements

    All rings are measured from the inside edge to the other inside edge. This is their inner diameter (ID)

    • The aluminum rings are MEDIUM 2.5" (6.4 cm) and LARGE 3" (7.6 cm) and 0.25" (.64 cm) thick.
  • Choosing the size

    Ring size does not depend on the height or weight of you or your baby

    Generally if you are using fabric like wrap, thicker fabric, double layer cotton of full 60" width batik lepas, you would be more comfortable using LARGE size. 

    Light weight wrap, narrow fabric (about 21") and lighter or slippery fabric (e.g. pashminas) will be more suitable with MEDIUM size. 

    Using large rings will give you less grippy and easier to adjust sling with thick fabric. Medium rings on the other hand will make it tight and grippy especially with thick fabric.

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