SNUGG Mehdai Wrap Conversion (deposit only)

SNUGG Mehdai Wrap Conversion (deposit only)

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Price for a SNUGG Mehdai Wrap Conversion starts at RM220.00


Send in your long wrap to be converted to SNUGG Mei Tai. SNUGG Mei Tai is a more traditional style of baby carrier adapted from the one that originates from China. You can also opt to have half buckle, either buckles on the waists or buckles on shoulder straps. You can also opt for a full buckle soft-pack carrier (price varies). We will provide quotation with any additional features that you would like to opt for.

  • What is included?

    1 SNUGG Mehdai with regular straps length unless otherwise chosen

  • Peace of Mind

    Cancellation is possible before design is confirmed and we start crafting the product. In such event, we will issue a full refund. We are unable to cancel an order after customer has stated their confirmation on the final design and quotation.

  • Body panel size

    Body panel width: 14.5"

    Body panel height: 17.5"

    Shoulder straps length: 65"

    Waist straps length: 30"

    XL Shoulder straps length: 80"

    XL Waist straps length: 45"

RM 100.00Harga

Ipoh, Malaysia


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