U.Di Mesh Carrier

U.Di Mesh Carrier

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U.Di Mesh Carrier is our latest baby carrier design an answer to cooling summer babywearing activities and keeping your hands free!


Body size 36cm by 36cm not inclusive of rounded top. Waist fits up to 50 inches.


Features and Benefits

  • Ergonomic babywearing that supports healthy hip development
  • Very lightweight made with a combination of mesh polyester and cotton fabric.
  • Made in Malaysia
  • Suitable from newborn (cincher belt sold separately)
  • Suitable for toddlers
  • 3kg to 20kg
  • Nursing on the go
  • Fully padded waist and shoulder straps
  • Suitable for front carry and back carry
  • Detachable hood can be attached (hood is sold separately)
  • Great for travelling
  • Designed by certified babywearing consultant


A sample of Stork Baby Carrier, brand:SNUGGbaby has been tested by SIRIM QAS Intl. for Chemical Properties, Breaking Strength and Seam Strength according to BS EN 13209-2:2005, MS ISO 13934-1:2003 & ISO 13935-1:2014 (Test Report No: 2016CE0763 dated 20th July 2016)

  • Optional

    Cinchable Hood (RM39.00) is a detachable head cover that can come in handy to provide additional shade for baby against light drizzling and the sun. It can also help to cover up a bit if you are nursing while babywearing. If you opt to add a cinchable hood, the additional price is RM39.00, the hood will be in matching colour as the carrier colour that you choose. Please contact us if you would like to customise your hood in a different colour and designs to accompany your U.Di Mesh Carrier.


    Cincher Belt (RM12.00) is needed if your baby is below 4 months old. This belt is used with the carrier to make the panel narrower and helps your baby to sit a bit higher in the carrier. To see how cincher belt works, click here. The price is RM12.00 per unit. If your baby is 4 months and above, cincher belt is not needed. If you are in doubt, do get in touch with us for free consultation.


    Drool pads (RM29.00) covers a segment of shoulder straps as protection from baby's gentle bite and drool. When baby starts teething, you may find that while being carried in the carrier, they may gnaw on the shoulder straps to relieve their itchy gums. When you place drool pads at this part, your carrier will be kept fresher, as the drool pads can be easily removed and washed frequently. It will also protect the carrier from immature wear and tear caused by prolongued exposure to baby's bite. A pair of drool pads is RM29.00. It will come in matching colour as your selected U.Di Mesh Carrier colour. You can also opt for other colour and designs from our drool pads sections.

  • Difference with Stork Baby Carrier

      U.Di Mesh Carrier Stork Baby Carrier
    Panel Size 

    36x36cm not including

    rounded top

    36x36cm not including

    rounded top

    Shoulder straps

    1/2" thick padding,

    same width and length

    1" thick padding

    same width and length

    Waist strap

    4" wide, same length

    no pocket

    5" wide, same length

    pocket for slim items

    Body panel

    Polyester mesh

    retractable cotton

    100% cotton

    mildly padded

    Hood Optional Included
    Cincher belt Optional Included


    Carrier Sleeve

    Not installed Installed

    3 years against

    manufacturing defect

    3 years against

    manufacturing defect


RM 259.00 Harga Biasa
RM 181.30Harga Jualan

Ipoh, Malaysia



SINCE 2008

SSM 001821295-W​